Curtain Poles & Tracks FAQ

Our deliveries usually take place within 2-5 business days, providing you place your order before 2pm. We have many poles suitable for quicker delivery; where available the product page will show this in the delivery information section. For more information regarding specific delivery information please visit our delivery page.

Please note this does not apply to products which are made to measure, or any other product where it is specifically stated in the description.

The pole length should pass at least 15cm (6") either side of the window. For more information on this please visit our measuring pages.

The pole diameter is dependent upon two main things, the weight of the curtains and the appearance you want to achieve of the pole.

Generally the larger the diameter of the pole, the heavier the curtains it will be able to support, but also it will become more of a feature to compliment your room.

If you would like to know more about the weights a curtain pole can carry, please refer to curtain pole weights .

The length of the pole stated does not include the finials. There is one exception; the Swish Polaris pole, where the length stated includes the finials.

Yes, the majority of the non-made-to-measure poles can be cut down - it will be stated if the pole is made to measure and cannot be cut down. They can be cut down simply using a normal hacksaw for the metal poles, or a normal saw for the wooden poles.

Corded poles cannot be cut down.

Alternatively you can use a telescopic/extendable pole, where no cutting would be necessary.

If the finial doesn't have a collar (see picture below) to cover up the end of the pole, you will have to be careful to ensure when cutting the pole you leave a neat finish. If the finial has a collar this will cover up any imperfections in the pole cut.

Longer poles often come in 2 pieces. When cutting these to size you will need to take half the amount off each side to ensure the pole is centralised.

Each page for the pole information will inform you what curtain weight the pole is suitable for. Please refer to the chart below for specific information:

Curtain WeightSuitable Curtain Weights
LightSuitable for light-weight curtains up to 6.5kg
MediumSuitable for light and medium-weight curtains up to 11kg
HeavySuitable for light, medium and heavy-weight curtains up to 15kg

Due to the variety of suppliers we deal with we cannot guarantee the above information for every product. For accurate details please refer direct to the manufacturers' guidelines.

If your curtains are over 15kg we recommend talking to us directly for advice prior to your purchase.

Below is a summary of our bay poles/tracks, for more information see our bay curtain poles/tracks FAQ page.

We have several categories on the left-hand menu for different types of bays, including 3 and 5 sided bays. These are all suitable for bay windows. With curtain tracks most of the plastic ones can be bent by hand, including some metal ones. For any corded/extendable tracks you will need to check the description of the particular product.

Some use C-Rings, which allow the curtain rings to pass over the brackets just use one pair of curtains - this can be confirmed in the Key Info table by No. of Curtains Recommended. If it says 2 then one pair of curtains can be used, if 4 then two pairs are recommended.

You can use most heading tape styles with the curtain poles, as demonstrated in the images below. With curtain tracks, you cannot use eyelet or tab top headings. With bay curtain poles you cannot use tab top headings, and you can only use eyelet headings on the Integra 28mm metal bay poles for 3 sided windows.

Be careful using eyelet and tab top curtain headings. Using these headings you need to ensure that the curtain pole diameter will be small enough to fit into the eyelets or the tab top heading - otherwise the curtains may not draw smoothly over the pole.

When using eyelet heading we also recommend avoid using wooden poles which have a centre bracket, and also some metal poles with a wider centre bracket. The reason for this is that the curtains will not close tightly in the centre due to the wider brackets and may leave a light gap.





Tab Top

All the curtain poles, except where stated (e.g. eyelet poles without rings) come complete with pole(s), brackets, rings and instructions. On longer lengths, if there are 2 poles, these will need to be joined together, so it will come with a joining piece to join the two poles together.

All the curtain tracks come complete with rail, gliders, brackets and instructions. Some longer length will be in two halves with a joining piece.

Every pole and track can be face-fixed to the wall quite easily. However, if you require a pole to be top fixed then you need to ensure the bracket is suitable for top fixing, whereas tracks can be easily top fixed with their universal brackets. To determine this it needs to be a complete ring - not a cup style bracket, so that when it is turned the pole doesn't fall out of it, see the images below for an example.

We have specific categories for top fix poles to help find these.

Cup bracket, suitable for face fixing

Tubular bracket, suitable for face or ceiling fixing.

Yes. If they are currently available, matching holdbacks and rings will be shown on the same page as the pole is displayed.

Last Updated: 16-May-2022

Last Reviewed: 16-May-2022