Wallpaper FAQ

We make every effort to have all possible wallpapers available on our website, however there are some that do get missed. If you cannot see the wallpaper you are looking for, please contact us and we will look to see if we can add this wallpaper for you.

Yes, we offer samples for almost all of our wallpapers. There is a £2.00 charge for the majority of our wallpaper samples, although some do vary in price and will state otherwise when you add them to basket.

Wallpaper samples are usually A4 size, although this may vary depending on the brand.

For many of our wallpapers we can offer a larger samples than our standard samples. The larger sample sizes are usually at least 55x40cm.

Large wallpaper samples

  • Large wallpaper samples are £5.00 or 30% of a roll of wallpaper (whichever is the greater).
  • Redeem 50% of the value against a future order over £150.00.
  • Wallpaper samples don't need returning to redeem the value.

For details on how to order these please contact us.

Standard wallpapers come in rolls approximately 10 metres long either 52 or 68.6 centimetres wide (+/-1.5%), but some products vary. Please see the individual product description for full information.

If using a professional decorator, he/she will be able to advise you on the number of rolls required.

We do also have a wallpaper calculator on each wallpaper product page which will provide you an estimate. This takes into account that particular product's specifications when calculating for the dimensions you provide it.

Wallpapers are printed using cylinders, with the design around it. The pattern repeat is one revolution of the cylinder and so is the distance between the same part of the pattern appearing on the roll again.

The pattern match describes how the pattern relates when joining widths of wallpaper.

Pattern MatchDescription
Straight Match This is where the pattern matches directly across the width of the roll.
Offset Match This is where the design match is offset across the width of the roll by a specified distance - i.e a half drop matches across the width at half the distance of the pattern repeat.
Free Match This is where no matching is required, and as such is the easiest product to hang and also reduces wastage.
Reverse Alternate Lengths This is where every other length of wallpaper you hang must be the opposite way around to the previous length.

See our dedicated page to all wallpaper symbols here.

The label on your wallpaper will specify a batch number - it is important that these match on all the rolls you are using to ensure consistency of colour across multiple rolls. Please retain this information should you require further rolls from the same batch, although this cannot be guaranteed depending on the time elapsed and supplier stock levels.

Detailed hanging instructions are supplied with every roll of wallpaper, which must be referred to before commencing work as every type of wallpaper requires different treatment. In particular we would draw your attention to the following important points:

  1. The end user should carefully check that pattern numbers, shade and batch numbers match exactly. To make absolutely sure it is advisable to unwrap a length of each roll in a good light to check that they match.
  2. Wallpaper is not always rolled with design uppermost. Please check before hanging. Some designs require that you reverse hang alternate lengths.
  3. The paper hanger should pay careful attention to soaking times after pasting. If the paper is hung too soon it will not be sufficiently soaked and can blister after hanging;too long and the paper becomes over-soaked and can tear. Refer to hanging instructions supplied.
  4. Depending upon the design and colour selected, non woven wallpapers can be slightly more translucent than other papers. It is therefore more important that the wall to be covered is smooth and free from marks.

We recommend the use of a good quality ready mixed adhesive, such as Sanderson Elite Ready Mixed Paste or Harlequin Ready Mixed Adhesive.

We recommend that you check for noticeable faults before and during hanging, check that all colours match roll to roll and edge to edge, and retain the product labels. In the event of a fault, do not continue to hang or cut the goods and return a sample of the imperfection to us with the label.

Last Updated: 16-Jun-2022

Last Reviewed: 16-Jun-2022