Curtain Poles & Tracks Measuring Guide

When measuring your window, follow the below diagram as a general rule of thumb. Try to measure the window using a steel tape measure, and measure to the nearest centimetre (you can use the converter on our website, top right corner). The pole should go at least 15cm (6") over each side of the window, excluding the finials (end parts of the pole).

On larger windows you aim to go 20cm-25cm (8"-10") over each side, depending on the space available, and the size of the room. The larger the curtains are, the more they will stack, so when you draw your curtains back you will block more light coming into the room. Going further past the window will help to eliminate more light around the edges of the window coming through.

These instructions are simply guidelines and your personal preference should be considered too.

Measuring a curtain pole

Ordering Tip

All standard poles can be cut down. If you are unsure between 2 sizes, opt for the longer length as you can always cut it down.

Fitting Tip

Where stated, some poles (usually the longer ones), will come in 2 pieces with a centre support bracket and a joining splicer. When cutting to size, an equal amount should be cut off each half of the pole, for correct alignment with the centre bracket.

Last Updated: 06-Sep-2019

Last Reviewed: 06-Sep-2019