Wave Curtain Heading FAQ

Wave curtains hanging on a track roomshot

Wave curtain heading is a contemporary curtain heading, giving a minimalistic look similar to eyelets without the need for eyelet rings.

The curtain hangs below a specially designed Silent Gliss track or pole that has wave gliders ensuring the pleats are never more than 60mm or 80mm apart giving a uniform spacing to the wave pleat.

It has a relatively small stack back so it is great for windows with little wall space either side.

Wave curtains hanging on a track closeup

It is important to check if a fabric is suitable for wave heading as some are better than others.

To do this the best way is to test an actual piece of the fabric to see if it can follow the soft wave curves without too much bowing or resistance - see the images below.

Stiff fabric on left not suitable for wave heading, soft fabric on right is suitable

There's no hard and fast rule and therefore we always recommend testing the fabric before purchasing curtains in this heading.

Fabrics that are more likely to be suitable are:

  • Cotton / cotton-rich fabric
  • Interlined silk curtains
  • Voiles

Fabrics that usually aren't suitable are:

  • Stiff or thick fabrics
  • Heavy embroidery
  • Irregular vertical stripes
  • Metallic threads

The most popular option by far is 80mm wave.

The 80mm wave heading is often more suitable for several reasons:

  • The larger pleat better suits mid-to-large windows
  • It has a smaller stack back than the 60mm
  • More fabrics are suitable as the fabric doesn't have to curve as tightly
  • Not as many poles/tracks are available with 60mm wave gliders

The 60mm wave heading is usually only suitable for:

  • Smaller windows and recesses
  • Very lightweight fabrics or voiles

If you are considering the 60mm wave heading it's worth checking the fabric folds even easier when doing your fabric check.

Many of the Silent Gliss tracks or poles are suitable where they have the specific option of wave gliders.

They come in a variety of styles which can be either hand drawn, corded or electric.

See below for some quick links to the various categories of wave compatible tracks or poles.

Hand drawn wave suitable

Corded wave suitable

Electric wave suitable

Our wave curtain heading is designed for Silent Gliss tracks and poles and our wave curtains are made according to their specification. Due to this we cannot guarantee that it will work with any other branded track or pole with a wave substitute glider.

Last Updated: 08-Nov-2022

Last Reviewed: 08-Nov-2022