Silent Gliss Autoglide FAQ

No - if you are competent at DIY you should have no problems installing Autoglide. Each curtain track is supplied made-to-measure and pre-assembled to your requirements with full installation instructions. For more information see the installation guides.

Yes - It can be either face or top fixed. When ordering you will need to specify which type of bracket you would like. For more information on this please see the installation guide section to view the instructions.

220/240 volts. Simply plug the unit into a normal 13amp socket. The tracks are assembled with either right hand or left hand motors to suit the position of your plug sockets.

No. Autoglide is supplied complete with a high quality aluminium track which incorporates a non stretch belt-driven mechanism to open and close your curtains.

Unfortunately, the Autoglide system can only be made up to 5 metres long. However, if you need to cover a distance longer than this, you can use two separate tracks together, and by making the left one draw from the left, and the right one draw from the right - the curtains will meet in the centre just like the split draw option.

Overlapping your Curtains using 2 Autoglide Systems

The overlap of the curtains can only be achieved properly using this method if you are top fixing, and you fit one track behind the other to ensure the curtains overlap when they meet in the centre. This is the only way as a track drawing to one side doesn't have an overlap arm.

Autoglide will carry a maximum curtain weight of 15kgs. Weights vary dramatically depending on the fabric but we estimate that a pair of cotton interlined and lined curtains for a window 4m wide x 3m drop weigh approximately 15kg.

Yes, however it has to be done in the factory and accurate measures and angles are required. It can either have 2 angle bends (for 3 sided bays), or 1 gradual curve (must be top fixed though), which will allow it to be used on bays with 5 sides or more. When bent it is only suitable for a maximum weight of 10kg curtains. Please contact us for a price and more details.

Yes. You can operate up to 3 separate tracks using just one remote control. You can either operate one at a time, or all 3 at once by changing the channel selector on the remote control. For more information on this please view the instructions found in our installation guides section.

No. Autoglide is a made-to-measure product and therefore cannot be cut down at a later date.

Your Autoglide control unit will come fitted with approximately 3 metres of mains lead and a plug. Please ensure that when ordering the side you require the motor to be on has a plug socket within 3 metres.

Depending upon whether you are hanging just one curtain, or of pair of curtains off the track, you can have, all the curtains drawing to the left or right, or splitting from the centre outwards.

Curtain Stacking Options

All Silent Gliss hardware systems are made of high grade materials to exacting specifications. This enables Silent Gliss to offer a 5 year guarantee providing free of charge replacement parts should any system - including motorised systems - prove defective within 5 years of installation. This guarantee is conditional on manufacturer's recommended fitting instructions having been followed during installation and on further condition that prior payment in full for the product(s) has been received by the company. This guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights which are not affected. We regret that fabrics are subject only to suppliers' guarantees.

Due to the Autoglide electric curtain tracks all being made-to-measure to your exact size requirements, delivery takes approximately 3-4 business days.

Delivery to the most of the UK is free; certain areas incur a delivery cost though. Please see our delivery page for full details.

No. Unfortunately since Silent Gliss have taken the designs and rights over from Swish this new model is not compatible in any way with the old Swish models. Unless you can source spare parts, then your only solution is to purchase a complete new track - which of course comes with the 5 year guarantee.

In the unlikely event that when you receive your track and it is faulty, we will arrange for either a replacement part or track to be sent out to you, unless it is deemed necessary to return the track for repair.

If you accidently ordered the wrong size or type of track, we are unable to have it returned or refunded as this is a made-to-measure product.

Last Updated: 06-Sep-2019

Last Reviewed: 06-Sep-2019